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6 Unique Things To Create With Your Preserved Wedding Bouquet

So despite good intentions, our monthly blog post didn't get off to the best start with a house move and wedding thrown into the mix. Here's to getting back on track and what better way to do that than talking about unique ways to keep your special blooms. So you're getting married, or you've recently gotten married. and you're looking for ways to make the most out of your flowers ~ I mean you've spent a lot of time with your florist choosing that perfectly pink shade of peony, plus you've spent a lot of money on them. Not to mention the sentimental value that these flowers hold, the ones you carried up the aisle on your way to the love of your life. Whether you're planning to DIY it or looking to the professionals in all things flowers, read through this post for some unique ways of repurposing your flowers.

Pressed Flower Candle

One of the simplest ways of infusing your home decor with your dried wedding flowers, is to create a floral candle. This can be easily done using a heat gun (or a hairdryer), some wax paper and a plain candle. This works best using thinner elements from your flowers such as single petals from a rose or some foliage. Other flowers that work well are sweet pea, waxflower and cosmos. Press your chosen flowers/foliage in a book for a few weeks until fully dry, lay out your design on the waxpaper and wrap around the candle, apply heat and watch the magic unfold!

A candle decorated with dried pressed flowers.

Preserved Bouquet Wreath

Another one for lovers of DIY~ creating a timeless wreath using your air dried flowers. Flowers can be easily dried out by hanging upside down in a dry room for a few weeks. Grab a wreath base from any craft shop and attach your flowers using a hot glue gun. This beauty was made using the leftover flowers from our own wedding that wouldn't fit into presses!

A preserved wedding bouquet reconstructed into a wreath with ribbon .

Pressed Flower Frame

Pressed flowers are extremely versatile and can be used in many different ways like scrapbooking and cardmaking. A framed pressed flower arrangement is one of our favorite ways to display them, whether its in one of our handmade floating frames or even an old picture frame. Flower pressing has been around for centuries, and a lot of us can relate to stuffing wildflowers in between the pages of an old book as kids. Although it can be a fun DIY, if you're planning to press your own bouquet~ Practice! The last thing you want is a book/press full of mouldy flowers. If it's not a task you're confident in undertaking, send it our way and we'll create a piece of art that you can admire and treasure forever!

Pressed flowers arranged in a glass frame.

Shadow Box Frame

A shadow box frame differs to a pressed flower frame, in that the flowers are dried in their 3D form rather than pressed flat. Flowers can be dried professionally using special drying agents, or can be hang dried as an alternative. Professional drying generally achieves better results in colour retention and decreased risk of moulding. A shadow box frame also has the ability to hold thicker items like bouquet charms and wedding cake toppers that you might like to add to the arrangement.

Dried flowers arranged in a deep shadow box frame.

Resin Block

Encapsulating your flowers in resin is a job better left to the professionals. Resin can be extremely temperamental to environmental conditions, not to mention its toxicity until fully cured, so not a method we would recommend for the DIYers. But this is definitely a case of the ends justifies the means, as a preserved flower resin block is sure to be a talking point for anyone visiting your home.

Dried flowers preserved in a resin heart.

Dried Flower Jewellery

This one is perfect for those tiny elements in your bouquet~ think forget-me-nots, statice, waxflower. What better way to elevate your style than with a piece of dried flower jewellery.

A dried cherry blossom in a pendant necklace.

Get In Touch

As you can see, there's so many different options for saving your special blooms, whether you're doing it yourself or having someone do it for you. Don't let them end up in the compost bin~ preserving your bouquet is one thing you definitely won't regret. Get in touch with us today to discuss how you can save your flowers!

Mariah x

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