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Welcome to our first ever blog post! If you're interested in learning more about our pressed flower antics and what inspires us~ you've come to the right place. Once a month we'll publish a post on a variety of different flower related topics including sneak peeks into our processes and how we create our unique pieces of floral art, handy tips for those looking to start their own flower pressing journey and pressed bouquet transformations from real life weddings.

The Faces Behind 'The Flower Bandits'.

First off, let me introduce you to the faces behind 'The Flower Bandits'. I'm Mariah~ mom to two beautiful babies, nurse and designer behind all our pressed flower creations and bouquet preservations. I'm also responsible for lovingly pressing and reconstructing all the flowers and soldering our finished pieces.

Working behind the scenes is Aidan~ daddy bear, nurse, glass cutter and flower press maker. Aidan is responsible for cutting all that lovely glass into whatever shape my heart desires as well as the painstaking task of holding those tiny jump rings that are soldered onto all our pressed flower jewelery. All the flower presses we use are handmade by Aidan~ keep an eye out on our shop updates as these will be available to purchase soon from our shop.

Next up are Olivia and Frankie~ the namesakes of our bouquet preservation packages. The loves of my life and inspiration for 'The Flower Bandits'. My biggest critics and fans all in one. Not one piece of floral art leaves our studio without the approval of these two munchkins.

And lastly we have Roger~ the star of The Flower Bandits logo.

Mascot for The Flower Bandits ~ a flemish giant rabbit
The Flower Bandits Mascot~ Roger the Flemish Giant

This not so little guy is our 3 legged Flemish Giant rabbit. This handsome tri-pawed is the most gentle giant~ making him the perfect mascot for our little business.

How It All Began

'The Flower Bandits' started modestly with family walks along the river in Carrick-On-Suir. I would identify and collect tiny wildflowers like germander speedwell and herb robert, and then press them between the pages of a book.

This soon turned into a compulsion to find flowers to press no matter where we were~ hence the name 'The Flower Bandits' which was coined by Aidan as a joke. I couldn't go anywhere without stuffing a few flowers in my pocket, slyly, like a bandit. This moved onto learning different mediums to display my pressed treasures, starting with resin art and moving onto teaching myself the skill of soft soldering.

What We Have To Offer

With my soldering skills reasonable perfected, we were able to create an array of different pieces including jewellery and our ever popular circular glass floating frames. Our range of products and services is constantly growing and currently includes ~ pressed flower jewellery, candle holders, desk signs, bouquet preservation (wedding and sentimental flowers) and personalised frames. As all our products are handmade, we can customise them for you. If you can think it. we can make it.

Follow Us

Now that introductions are done, it's time for us to get back to creating and working on our next blog post. Follow us on Instagram @the_flower_bandits to keep up to see our upcoming bouquet preservations. Leave a comment below and let us know if there's any topics you'd like us to talk about and check back in for next months blog post.

Mariah x

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