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  • Where are you located?
    We work out of our home studio in Carrick-on-Suir, county Tipperary but accept bouquets and flowers for commissions from all over the country.
  • Will my pressed flowers fade?
    Like all beautiful things in life, some fading can be expected over time. However, by following the care instructions which will provided on completion of your pressed flower piece, fading can be kept to a minimum.
  • How long will it take before my pressed flower piece is finished?
    For wedding bouquet preservations and other pieces of art that involve pressing the clients’ own flowers, the turnaround time is approximately 12-14 weeks. Most flowers are kept in the press for at least 4 weeks to ensure they are fully dried before framing. For custom orders using our own already pressed flowers, the turnaround time is around 2 weeks. If you require your order for a specific date, please be sure to let us know via email and we’ll do our best to accommodate this.
  • How soon after my wedding do I need to get the flowers to you?
    Ideally your bouquet should be pressed within 72 hours of your wedding date. However, this is not always possible and most flowers last very well up to a week later once they are cared for properly. We’ve pressed bouquets up to 2 weeks old and have achieved beautiful results. If you’re unsure if your flowers are still suitable for pressing, send us an email so that we can advise you.
  • I have no way of dropping my bouquet off to you after the wedding- what should I do?
    Don’t worry- your flowers can be either dropped off or posted. Detailed packaging and postage instructions will be sent to you to ensure your bouquet reaches us safely.
  • Do you take other commissions other than weddings?
    Absolutely - we press bouquets from all occasions as well as sentimental and memorial flowers. Get in touch with us via email to discuss in further detail.
  • Will my flowers look the same once they’re pressed?
    A lot of different factors will affect how well your flowers press and retain their colour. All flowers will press much better depending on how fresh they are and the condition they are in prior to pressing. This is why we advise flowers to be pressed within 72 hours. As well as this, some colours can be altered during the natural drying process. For example, white flowers tend to dry to a beige/yellow colour and red flowers can dry to a very dark/almost black colour.
  • My flowers are already dried. Can they still be pressed?
    Unfortunately, once your flowers are dried, they are more than likely too brittle to be pressed. However, there is still the option of displaying them in a shadow box. Get in touch with us to discuss in more detail.
  • How soon should I book in to have my flowers preserved?
    Ideally as soon as you have a confirmed date in mind. We can only take a limited number of bouquets a week so the sooner you book in the better. However, at times we are able to accommodate last minute bookings so always get in touch via email.
  • My friend/relative is getting married. How do I book in their bouquet preservation as a gift?
    We offer gift vouchers which can be presented as a gift on the day. All you need to do is pick a package and let us know the wedding date and their name.
  • Where do you purchase your frames?
    All our frames are handmade! Frames are constructed using two pieces of clear glass cut to your desired size/shape and sealed together with a lead-free solder using the Tiffany-stained glass technique. Because our frames are handmade, we can customise it to your preferences.
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